Two Claire's


Production Date: 22/08/2011

Two Claire’s is a short film that was originally to be part of a trilogy of short films produced in August 2011. Due to timing issues, we were only able to complete one of the shorts. In hindsight for my first short film, it was a might much to have taken on. 

Helena Close & Trisha Rainsford

Lauren O’Shea
Hazel Ní Mhullarach
Jamie Kinnavane
Shane Brohan
Jessica Roberts
Aoife Flower De Faoite
Joe Varden

Camera: Colin O’Halloran
Production Assistant: Sarah Treanor
Sound: John Slattery


Director: Paul Corey

Final Edit

Locations & Rehersals

Rehearsals took place in Lee’s Road around a park bench in the sun. 

Short Film Poster

Rehearsals & BTS


Roaming Charges

In addition to the short Two Claire’s a second short film was produced but never finished due to the unavailability of some actors. Below is an edit of what we got shot.