Studio Shoots

So what does it all cost and how does it work?

Your portrait investment can be broken down into two parts: your studio session fee and your artwork selection. 

The studio session fee covers your time in the studio with Paul and your gallery creation. 

The next step in the process happens when you return to Paul after viewing your gallery. It is essential that you know where in your house you would like to hang your new Artwork. That way when you are deciding on a product you will have a rough idea of what size you would like it to be.


A studio session is €50

Studio portrait photography by Paul Corey

Prints and Finished Framed Artwork

Studio Photo Shoots

Advice for a happy shoot, where nothing goes wrong and there are no tears.

• No threats. Please do not threaten or bribe your children before the shoot. This puts the photo shoot in the same category as going to the dentist.
• Don’t tell them to be good. Actually, it’s best not to make a big deal about it at all.
• Ideally, you would say, “We’re going to Paul’s Studio to have fun, play and take some pictures. Afterwards, we will go for a treat!”
• If your child is sick, getting over the ‘flu or any other illness, cancel your appointment. It is not a problem, we can reschedule and do it another time. My camera picks up every detail, so if you don’t want tired eyes or red checks – cancel.
• “Smile!” Don’t ever say that word in my studio, it is the worst word for photographs, kids are not models and they do not know how to smile on cue.
• I am always looking for reactions so we play games, ask questions or tell stories. Anything that gets a positive reaction.
• Let me know what gets a reaction out of them, an aunt/uncle’s name, a joke they love tell, a girlfriend’s name, anything really. I want to hear it all.

• No Glitter, the stuff never goes away! Months later I still see it.

Studio portrait photography by Paul Corey

What clothes should be worn?

• Wear clothing that fits.
• Kids/babies clothes need to fit – if they are too big they will hang loose and it doesn’t look good.
• No mini skirts on girls – it doesn’t work for photos.
• Choose muted tones that are a bit subdued, like the examples below.
• Keep jewellery simple and minimalistic or nonexistent.
• Do your hair the way you’d normally do it. If you are getting a haircut or a new hairdo, make your appointment at least 2 weeks prior to your portrait session.