Current Production - 'Clare under Covid'

This one-hour film will tell stories of the people of Clare during Covid-19. The project is focused on the people of Clare and the stories of their experiences living with Covid-19 and adjusting to life with restrictions since March 13, 2020.

Commercial Video

Paul Corey has been involved in commercial video in County Clare for more than five years. His creative eye and intense sense of narrative compel him to tell the client’s story and he is uncompromising in that pursuit.

He clearly defines the project with his clients and once agreed, he carries through, involving the client in all stages and in such a way that they become project partners.

The final version of his work is always true to his client’s vision. Some examples of Paul’s work are The Sunday Independent, Fuji Galway, Clare Arts and The Gathering. 

Paul’s broad range of quality video work speaks for itself. Have a look through the following.